Young Women’s Group – 14th of September – Allotment session | The Proud Trust

Sunday’s allotment session was epic with some of us staying for 7 hours in total (thank goodness we brought the kettle).

We did a lot of digging and had a lovely lunch together with just the right amount of food (well done H and Sophie who bought it in the morning)

We managed to get another two raised beds in and did a lot of weeding and clearing.

We picked; raspberries, french beans, purple french beans, purple and green peas, mange tout, marrows and we dug up the rest of the potatoes.

We planted; swede and beetroot some more lettuce and kale.

Hannah found an egg. She found an egg buried underground. That’s right a fresh hens egg…..weird or what?

And H rode off into the sunset with the biggest marrow ever on her bike rack (thank goodness for bungee cords)