Young Women’s Group – 13th Aug – Bike Right! | The Proud Trust

This Saturday was the session we’ve all been waiting for as Heather’s trike has finally arrived! It was brilliant and a few years without riding hadn’t made a difference for Heather as she breezed through her level one and got straight on the road where we all did a bit of learning abut road positioning for trikes.

After finishing our level 2 the group started some level 3 training doing right and left turns onto Ashton Old Road. Everyone impressed us with their confidence and there was some textbook riding.

Here’s a run down of the project so far from one of the young women;

“Since I got my bike nearly two weeks ago I have had the chance to ride to many different places. In the past two weeks as part of the group we have had the chance to ride to the allotment for a few hoursand had the chance to ride back. We have all had the chance to ride as a group during the Sky Ride event, we all did very well and rode 7.3 miles around the City Centre. We are also riding to and from BikeRight! to have sessions on bikeability and bike maintenance. We have lots of sessions planned to be able to ride our bikes. Since I got my bike a little under two weeks ago I have done 95 miles minimum and maybe more!” – By H.

Here’s a record of H’s ride diary over the last couple of weeks;

Tuesday – LGBT Centre – Salford – 2.7 miles

Wednesday – Urmston – Manchester – Salford – 9 miles

Thursday – Salford – Prestwich – Manchester – Salford – 11.4 miles

Friday – Salford – Manchester – Whitworth Park – Salford – 7.3 miles

Saturday – Salford – Urmston – Manchester – Whitworth Park – Salford – 20.2 miles

Sunday – Salford – Manchester – Sky Ride – Salford – 16 miles

Monday – Salford – Manchester – Salford precint – London St – Salford – 5.2 miles

Tuesday – Salford – Manchester – Urmston – 8.7 miles

Wednesday – Urmston – Manchester – Salford – 9.2 miles

Friday – Safford – Ashton New Road – 3.7 miles

Sat – Ashton New Road – Manchester – Ashton New Road – 2.1 miles

Total milage of 95.5 miles!!!!!!!!!!!