Young Men’s Activity Day – Review by Alex B | LGBT youth north west

The Young Men’s Activity Day is amazing day that I was glad to take part in this year. The day at Delamere forest was incredibly fun as well as teaching lots of practical skills such as cycling, tree climbing and foraging for firewood. This was complimented well by workshops orientated around stepping out of your comfort zone, creative writing and mental health. Most importantly, it helped me to get to know other GBT men from LGYM in a totally different environment yet still in a safe place surrounded by supportive and understanding people. The staff’s familiar, friendly faces are always on hand to help out and provide support just as they usually are. To summarise, I would advise any young men to go on this day as you are guaranteed to get something out of the event; whether it’s to socialise with other GBT males, push yourself to your own limits or try something new, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable day.

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