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LGBT Youth North West – ‘Trans invisibility’ community audit 2009-2010

This project was conducted as part of the Community Audit module at Manchester Metropolitan University by a student on the Youth and Community Work Masters Degree along with a number of trans young people and associates of LGBT Youth North West.

The information gathered will be utilised to affect positive change in the monitoring of trans people.

Update June 2010

The audit team have collected in all responses and are close to analysing the results and making them public. Part of their aim is to let as many organisations know as possible so that they can make positive changes in their monitoring procedures for the inclusion of trans identities.

One success story so far is that the Manchester C-Card scheme has ammended the latest version of their registartion form to simply ask for “gender……………” rather than a close-tick-box question. This is just one of the ways in which organisations can make progress in terms of their gender indenitity monitoring.

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