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On this page, you will find information about books and films that are Trans-related; either works of fiction that feature Trans characters or non-fiction/biographies about actual Trans people.


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Intersex Children, Autonomy and the right to Health 2010 an essay by Darin Akin Download here

Talking Back to Science: Art, Science and the Personal (Chapter/DVD file ‘Gender Trouble’) by Brigit Arends and Verity Slater (Eds.)

Dangerous Games: The True Story of a Convicted Murderer on Death Row Who Changed His Sex and Won Her Freedom by Robert L. Bentley

Normal: Transsexual CEOs, Crossdressing Cops and Hermaphrodites with Attitude by Amy Bloom

In Search of Eve: Transsexual Rites of Passage by Anne Bolin

Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us by Kate Bornstein

Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws by Kate Bornstein

My Gender Workbook: How to Become a Real Man, a Real Woman, the Real You, or Something Else Entirely by Kate Bornstein

TrueSelves: Understanding Transsexualism for Families, Friends and Co-Workers by Mildred L. Brown and Chloe Ann Rounsley

Gender Shock: Exploding the Myths of Male and Female by Phyllis Burke

Sex Changes: The Politics of Transgenderism by Patrick Califia

Transmen and FTMs: Identities, Bodies, Genders, and Sexualities by Jason Cromwell

Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue by Leslie Feinberg

Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman by Leslie Feinberg

Transgender Voices: Beyond Men and Women by Lori B. Girshick

Female Masculinity by Judith ‘Jack’ Halbarstam

Bodyshock: The Truth About Changing Sex by Liz Hodgkinson

Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook by Raven Kaldera

The Phallus Palace by Dean Kotula

Nine Gates to the Chassidic Mysteries by Jiri Langer; Stephen Jolly (Translator); and Mordechai Georgo Langer

Transsexualism in Society: A Sociology of Male to Female to Transsexuals by Frank Lewins

Transgender Nation by Gordene Olga MacKenzie

Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender and Conformity by Mattilda (a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore) (Ed.)

How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States by Joanne Meyerowitz

Reclaiming Genders: Transsexual at the Fin De Siecle by Kate More and Stephen Whittle (Eds.)

Lesbians Talk Transgender by Zachary I. Nataf

Finding the Real Me: True Tales of Sex and Gender Diversity by Tracie O’Keefe and Katrina Fox (Eds.)

Sex, Gender and Sexuality: 21st Century Transformations by Tracie O’Keefe

Trans-X-U-All: The Naked Difference by Tracie O’Keefe and Katrina Fox

Transsexuals: Candid Answers to Private Questions by Gerald Ramsey Ph.D

Coping With Crossdressing by Joann Roberts (Ed.)

Crossdressers: And Those Who Share Their Lives by Peggy J. Rudd

Crossdressing with Dignity: The Case for Transcending Gender Lines by Peggy J. Rudd

My Husband Wears My Clothes by Peggy J. Rudd

Who’s Really from Venus?: The Tale of Two Genders by Peggy J. Rudd

Self-Organizing Men by Jay Sennett (Ed.)

Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity by Julia Serano

The Transsexual’s Survival Guide: To Transition and Beyond by Joann Altman Stringer

The Transsexual’s Survival Guide II: Information for Friends and Family by Joann Altman Stringer

Transgender History by Susan Stryker

Information for the Female to Male Cross Dresser and Transsexual by Louis Sullivan

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Public Policy Issues: A Citizen’s and Administrator’s Guide to New Cultural Struggle by Wallace Swan (Editor)

Boys Like Her: Transfictions by Taste This by Anna Camilleri, Ivan E. Coyote, Zoe Eakle, Lyndell Montgomery

The Drag King Anthology by Donna Troka, Kathleen Lebesco and Jean Noble

Self Made Man: My Year Disguised as a Man by Norah Vincent

The Transgender Debate: The Crisis Surrounding Gender Identities by Stephen Whittle

The White Book by Stephen Whittle

Queer Theory, Gender Theory by Riki Wilchins

Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the End of Gender by Riki Wilchins

The Third Sex: The Genders of the Species by Gordon Wilson

But For The Grace by Robert Allen

Sexual Metamorphosis: An Anthology of Transsexual Memoirs by Jonathan Ames

Herculine Barbin: Being the Recently Discovered Memoirs of a 19th Century French Hermaphrodite by Herculine Barbin and Michel Foucault (ed.)

She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Cameron: Correspondence 1997-2001 by Loren Cameron

Prisoner of Gender: A Transsexual in the System by Stephanie Castle

As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl by John Colapinto

My Story by Caroline Cossey

Katherine’s Diary: The Story of a Transsexual by Katherine Cummings

The Mirror Makes No Sense by Mark Angelo Cummings

Becoming a Visible Man by Jamison Green

A Self-Made Man: The Diary of a Man Born in a Woman’s Body by Paul Hewitt with Jane Warren

Michael Nee Laura: The Story of the World’s First Female to Male Transsexual by Liz Hodgkinson

All She Wanted: Brandon Teena by Aphrodite Jones

Just Add Hormones: An Insider’s Guide to the Transsexual Experience by Matt Kailey

The First Man Made Man: The Story of Two Sex Changes, One Love Affair and a 20th Century Medical Revolution by Pagan Kennedy

Both Sides Now by Dhillon Khosla

What Becomes You by Aaron Raz Link and Hilda Raz

Emergence: A Transsexual Autobiography by Mario Martino with Harriet

Crossing: A Memoir by Deidre M. McCloskey

Suits Me: The Double Life of Billy Tipton by Diana Wood Middlebrook

Transman Bitesize: The Story of a Woman Who Became a Man by Rico Adrian Paris

Dear Sir or Madam: The Autobiography of a Female to Male Transsexual by Mark Rees

The Last Time I Wore a Dress by Daphne Scholinski
Note that Scholinski’s first name is now Dylan, but the book is published under Daphne

Perfidious Man by Will Self

Orlando’s Sleep: An Autobiography of Gender by Jennifer Spry

From Female to Male: The Life of Jack Bee Garland by Louis Sullivan

What Took You So Long? A Girl’s Journey to Manhood by Raymond Thompson with Kitty Sewell

A Change For Good by John Thorp

The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal and Social Transformation from Female to Male by Max Wolf Valerio

The Gender Frontier by Mariette Pathy Allen
Written portions are in both German and English.

Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits by Loren Cameron

Cameron 1 by Loren Cameron

Man Tool: The Nuts and Bolts of Female to Male Surgery by Loren Cameron
An eBook only available from

Crossing The Line by Sara Davidmann

Adults in Wonderland: A Retrospective by Grace Lau

Assume Nothing by Rebecca Swan

Sublime Mutations by Del LaGrace Volcano

The Drag King Book by Del LaGrace Volcano and Judith ‘Jack’ Halberstam

The Marrow’s Telling: Words in Motion by Eli Clare

Loose End by Ivan E. Coyote

One Man’s Trash by Ivan E. Coyote

Transnational Geographic by Neeve

S/he by Minnie Bruce Pratt

Trans by Hilda Raz

Two Truths and a Lie by Scott Turner Schofield

Choir Boy by Charlie Anders

James Miranda Barry by Patricia Duncker

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Drag King Dreams by Leslie Feinberg

Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg

Supervillainz by Alicia E. Goransen

Trumpet by Jackie Kay

Homo Superior by Richard Kirk
This book and the two sequels listed below were originally released by Jennifer Kirk prior to transition, and the ISBN is registered to her former name. New editions of this book explain the author’s name as being one of her pen-names.

Countdown to Extinction by Jennifer Kirk

Syndicate Dawn by Jennifer Kirk

Like Son by Felicia Luna Lemus

It Knows You By No Other Name by Dan McNay

Sex and Other Changes by David Nobbs

The Story of Fluff the Bunny by Ron Pejril
A children’s book, available at

Luna by Julie Ann Peters

Sacred Country by Rose Tremain

Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger

Orlando by Virginia Woolfe

Trans Forming Families: Real Stories About Transgendered Loved Ones by Mary Boenke (editor)
Highly recommended.

The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals by Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper
A comprehensive, first-of-its-kind guidebook for the unique challenges that thousands of families face raising children who step outside of the pink or blue box.

Love Makes a Family: Portraits of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Parents and Their Families by Peggy Gillespie and April Martin

Dress Codes: Of Three Girlhoods – My Mother’s, My Father’s, and Mine by Noelle Howey

Out of the Ordinary: Essays on Growing up with Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Parents by Noelle Howey; Ellen Samuels; and Margarethe Cammermeyer

Mom, I Need to Be a Girl by Just Evelyn.
Available to read at Just Evelyn

My Mommy Is a Boy by Jace Martinez
A children’s book about having an FTM parent. For sale at

On Being a Gay Parent: Making a Future Together by Brett Webb-Mitchell
Written specifically for Christian parents and answers the questions unique to the Christian gay parenting experience. It was written by a minister who is also a gay father.


100% Woman (2004, Canada) Two years in the life of Michelle Dumaresq, following her progress from her first local race to becoming the Canadian downhill mountain bike champion and the first Trans athlete on a national team.

Official website:

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story (2006, US) TV movie, based on the true story of Gwen Araujo, a 17 year old MTF who was murdered at a party by 3 young men.

Official website: gwen-araujo-story

Beautiful Boxer (2003, Thailand)
Thai with English subtitles. Based on the true story of Parinya Charoenphol, a Thai boxer who competes to win a cash prize which will be used to fund her transition.

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story (2009, UK) The story of one man’s triumph over adversity: cameras followed the comedian and self-identified action transvestite on a very stressful comeback tour and caught the story behind some of his best loved material en route.

Official website:

The Brandon Teena Story (1998, US)
The life and death of Brandon Teena, told through interviews with people who knew him, recorded interrogation and trial transcripts, and photographs and file film footage.

Call Me Malcolm (2005, US) The story of one man’s struggle with faith, love and gender identity.

Official website:

Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora (1994, US)
A hysterical documentary which uses footage of Wood’s own films to tell his life story.

The Fight to be Male (1981, UK)
A BBC documentary about the nature v nurture debate: is our gender identity part of our genetic make-up or is it given to us in how we are raised.

funny kinda guy (1996, US) A musical odyssey from female to male of singer-songwriter Simon de Voil, winning his long-sought masculinity while irreversibly sacrificing his female singing voice to hormone treatment.

Official website:

Make Me A Man (2002, UK)
A two-part documentary from Channel 4 which follows four FTMs at various points of their transition.

No Dumb Questions (2001, US) Three sisters, aged 6, 9 and 11, try to understand why and how their Uncle Bill is becoming Aunt Barbara.

Official website:

Red Without Blue (2007, US) The intimate bond between two identical twin brothers is challenged when one decides to transition from male to female.

Official website:

She’s a Boy I Knew (2007, Canada) An intensely personal record of the filmmaker’s own personal transition, which also includes the various courses her family (parents, sisters, best friend, wife) take through the process as well.

Official website:

Sir: Just a Normal Guy (2002, US) Jay Snider is a 30 year old woman transitioning to a man. This film documents that process and includes interviews with him as well as his ex-husband Dave and Kari, his lesbian girlfriend.

Official website:

Southern Comfort (2001, US) – Robert Eads, an FTM living in rural Georgia, USA is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After more than 20 doctors refused to treat him because of his Trans status, this was filmed over the last year of his life.

Official website:

TransGeneration (2005, US)
The lives of four young people who are transitioning while studying at university.

Transparent (2005, US) 19 Trans men from across America who gave birth to children prior to transition.

Official website:

XX to XY: Fighting to be Jake (2003, UK)
A 20-minute documentary about a young British FTM.

You Don’t Know Dick: Courageous Hearts of Transsexual Men (1996, US)
Six Trans men talking about their lives and their transition.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994, Australia)
Two drag queens and an MTF get a cabaret gig in the middle of the Australian desert.

Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros – The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros (2005, Philippines)
Available in English. The main character is a 12 year old who wants to be a girl.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999, US)
Based on the true story of Brandon Teena, a teen who preferred to live as male until it was discovered that he was born female.

Breakfast on Pluto (2005, UK)
In the 1970s, a foundling lad, Patrick “Kitten” Braden, comes of age by leaving his Irish town for London, in part to look for his mother and in part because his transgender nature is beyond the town’s understanding.

The Danish Girl (to be released in 2012, US)
Based on the book of the same name by David Ebershoff. It’s a fictionalized account of the life of Lili Elbe, the first person to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

Different for Girls (1996, UK)
Old school friends meet again 30 years later but now one has transitioned to female and romance develops.

Ed Wood (1994, US)
The mostly true story of the legendary crossdressing director.

Hedwig And The Angry Inch (2001, US)
Film version of the stage musical about a transsexual from East Berlin who tells her life story while touring the US with her band and following the ex-boyfriend/bandmate who stole her songs.

Kinky Boots (2005, UK)
Inspired by the true story of a traditional footwear factory in Northamptonshire which turned to production of kinky boots for transvestites in order to save the ailing family business and safeguard the jobs of the local community.

Ma Vie En Rose – My Life In Pink (1997, Belgium)
French with English subtitles. Ludovic is a 7 year old boy who can’t wait to grow up to be a woman. When his family discovers the little girl blossoming in him they are forced to contend with their own discomfort and he is sent to see a psychiatrist in the hopes of fixing whatever is wrong with him. A film that addresses gender identity issues through the eyes of a child.

Normal (2003, US)
TV movie. A middle-aged factory worker in the American midwest transitions to female, and must deal with the reactions of her wife and community.

Ready? OK! (2008, US) A single mother struggles to understand her young son’s obsession with dresses, dolls and girls’ cheerleading.

Official website:

RENT (2004, US)
Film version of the stage musical about the lives of several people in New York City and their struggles with sexuality, cross-dressing, drugs, and AIDS. One of the main characters is MTF.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, UK)
Cult film of the stage musical that parodies science fiction and horror films. The main character identifies himself as a transvestite from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995, US)
A comedy about three drag queens travelling across America to a contest but end up stranded in a small town when their car breaks down.

Transamerica (2005, US)
A pre-op Trans woman learns that she has a son who is now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. She offers him a ride home to Los Angeles and as they get to know each other over the course of the journey, her son finally finds out she is his father.

Victor/Victoria (1982, US)
A struggling soprano finds work playing a female impersonator but living as male complicates her personal life.

Willy/Milly (1986, US)
A comedy about a tomboyish young girl, Milly, who thinks boys have more fun and wishes she was one. With the aid of a magic potion she gets her wish and becomes Willy but she finds that the male world has its challenges too.

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