Tablehurst Farm Trip | The Proud Trust

“It was a but strange…not really something I’m usually likely to experience living in the city! Really enjoyed the BBQs & learnt that unpasteurised milk tastes better than pasteurised milk. 🙂 (Didn’t enjoy the cold though!)” – Keeley

“There were so many memorable, weird & wonderful moments this weekend. I came on the trip to help put our scarecrow together, so for me the best thing about this weekend was spending time together completing our beautiful scarecrow and ‘planting’ Joyce at Tablehurst.” – Kelly

“The most memorable moment was when all the scarecrows were introduced to each other because I’ve never seen anything like that before. Also I was shocked when we planted the scarecrows and had to stir the bucket of water.” – Sahar

“There were lots of memorable moments, but I think the one that stands out the most would be planting the scarecrows and the ‘ceremony’ that went with it. I came on the trip to broaden my experiences and have a fun weekend which I did. The one thing I will take away from the Tablehurst experience would be the community spirit that surrounded the farm.” – Darienne

“I enjoyed seeing the cows being milked at Plaw Hatch and I came on this trip because I have been part of the project since the beginning and really enjoyed it.” – Rachel

“I enjoyed being on the farm and away from the city. I really enjoyed seeing Plaw Hatch & seeing the cows and the process of milking the cows as it is very different to most farms. I came on the trip as I have been before and have been quite involved in the project and wanted to see the changes that had been made since the last time. I really enjoyed everything and spending time with the young women and the other two community groups. Oh and having a go at barn dancing!” – H

“I think learning more about the different ways biodynamic farming happens and effective growing is what is memorable. Learning about Plaw Hatch from Liz, about the shop, about the Bees from Peter & Rachel – so remarkable) and is the stuff I will take away with me. I came on the trip because I love coming to Tablehurst & learning more” – Niamh

“My memorable moments at Tablehurst were finally seeing Plawhatch farm and watching the cows being milked. Seeing the new bee hives was interesting and has made me think about the way we may manage bees on the allotment in the future.” – Claire

“I came on the trip as I had heard so many wonderful things the group had done & seen on previous trips to the farm. My memorable moments were finally seeing Joyce (the welcome crow) come to life and thinking all the people who were involved in making it happen & also seeing all the happy & content animals at Plawhatch & Tablehurst. I will take away with me new experiences and knowledge and the steps to a barn dance which I’m sure will come in useful on the next young women’s Summer Camp” – Myrtle