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It’s easy to forget that we aren’t the only ones who need support, our families and partners often need it too. There are some support groups specifically for the parents, families and partners of Trans people and several mailing lists.

Mailing Lists and Forums

Depend –
An organisation offering free, confidential and non-judgemental advice, information and support to all family members, spouses, partners and friends of Transsexual people in the UK. They have several mailing lists, including:

LiveJournal –
LJ is a blogging site with communities: groups where the members can discuss a particular topic. There are over 250 Trans-related communities on LiveJournal giving information and/or support, which includes specific groups for SOFFAs; there is a master list of them all here.

Mermaids –
Based in London, Mermaids provides support not only for Trans Youth but their parents of those under 18 as well.

Straight Spouse Network –
An international organisation that provides personal, confidential support and information to the heterosexual spouses/partners (current or former) of Transpeople. They have several mailing lists which can be accessed here and a contact in the UK.
Tel: Mandy on 07791 893 712 (Midlands and West) –
TransFamily provides support, education, advocacy, and outreach for SOFFAs of all ages. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, they have several mailing lists, including:

Are you a psychiatrist or being treated by one of them? The check out the best practice guidance they have for trans people