SPP: Safer Person Project | The Proud Trust

The SPP is a brand new project starting this week at The Proud Trust.

What is it?

It’s a free training, to help you feel safe and confident when supporting your friends. As an Open Awards unit it looks great on your CV and it gives you the chance to talk about issues including mental health, gender, relationships, family, being LGBT, discrimination and more.

We will use weekly case studies, role plays, action planning, workshops, among other things to make sure you feel safer and supported when supporting your friends. We will also think about looking after yourselves as a supporter and how you can access any support you need.

When is it?

Manchester sessions: Starting Saturday 12th March with sessions every Saturday 1-3pm until April 23rd.

Where? Sydney Street Cafe, M1 7HB

Who is it for? Any self-identified young lesbian or bisexual women (including pansexual, asexual and other sexuality which aligns in some way with LB)


Our Peer-Research project investigated the health and well-being needs of young LB women, we found that all the young women we spoke to valued themselves and their peers as resources to support and assist each other when dealing with problems. One young person said when discussing mental health:

“I like to make sure its talked about more by making sure people can talk to me about it, that I’m a safe person” – Summer Camp, 2015

This project is not about encouraging young women to take on responsibility. Instead, its about supporting them to be better equipped with existing situations to help their friends and themselves.

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