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LGBT History Month February 2016

The Proud Trust has teamed up with Schools OUT UK to bring you this free LGBT History Month Pack for February 2016.

The theme of LGBT History Month 2016 is “Religion, Belief and Philosophy: A Leap of Faith”, this pack is full of handy session plans, ideas and a handy FAQ section. You can download it for free here, or by clicking on the pack icon to the right.

We have also prepared for you a very easy to use assembly PowerPoint presentation which is a nice way to introduce the topic by asking your students or young people to “Stand Up” for what they believe in. Download it here:

LGBT Black History Month October 2015

In the UK we dedicate October to exploring and learning about the rich history of Black peoples and communities; a section of history that is often overlooked, mis-represented and poorly documented, much like February where we dedicate the month to exploring and uncovering lost and hidden LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*) histories. Up until now, there has been little cross over between the two months, leaving untouched a huge gap in the history that we are learning and teaching about.

We invite you to explore Black History Month with an LGBT twist! Click on the LGBT Black History Month icon to get lots of free resources.

Harvey Milk Day 2015

During February – LGBT History Month – we had the pleasure of hosting Stuart Milk – nephew of Harvey – as he visited some of our partner schools and delivered inspirational speeches about the legacy of his uncle’s work. During this process we were amazed and surprised just how many people had not heard of Harvey Milk…

Harvey Milk’s story is not only one worth hearing, it is one worth telling.

Download the PowerPoint:

LGBT History Month 2015

Working with Schools Out UK we have developed an activity pack to use directly with students to explore the 2015 LGBT History Month theme of ‘coded lives’. Using the ‘five famous faces of fifteen’ the activity pack offers fun and educational activities designed for key stage three and four., as well as for use in youth groups. Download it here for free: LGBT History Month 2015 Activity Pack.

Spirit Day 2014

Our autumn term bulletin asks you to “Go Purple” for Spirit Day on 16 October! We have provided you with an easy to follow PowerPoint that explores the meaning of “Pride” and the pride rainbow flag. Will you go purple?

Download the PowerPoint:

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) 2014

Our summer term bulletin 2014 provided a useful little resource for exploring the use of the word “gay” with students. The PowerPoint resource is very simple to use and asks the participant to “Guess the Occupation” of the celebrities contained within. The connection between the celebrities is that they all identify as gay, the resource then prompts a discussion about use of the word “gay” in negative ways. Download the PowerPoint: