Prejudice and Pride: LGBT Activist Stories from Manchester and Beyond | The Proud Trust

The This is How We Got Here project was captured in a number of ways, including a book which documented the hidden stories from the LGBT Community. Young people from the youth groups in LGBT Youth North West were trained in oral history research and interviewed activists. These interviews were transcribed, coded and split into chapters, written by Amelia Lee, Hebe Phillips, Tony Fenwick, Hannah Berry, Cliodhna Devlin and Liam Mason and Niamh Moore. The book was designed by Tamzin Forster.

LGBT activist and civil rights history from the 1960′s to the 2000′s has had a huge impact on our social and political landscape in the UK, yet much of this history remains hidden.

Through personal stories of activists, heard and recorded by young people from LGBT Youth North West, we explore the wibbly wobbly nature of people’s histories.

We reveal how they interlink in surprising and creative ways to form the current landscape of both prejudice and pride.

‘It’s fascinating and moving to discover and identify those LGBT people in less happy times, who fought for the freedoms LGBT people now enjoy in the UK. This book will make you look back with gratitude and astonishment for what has been achieved.’ Sir Ian McKellen

The struggle for LGBT equality is a long and continuing one. If you read one book about LGBT activists and activism read this one… accessible, passionate and empowering.‘ Claire Mooney