Pink Box 2014 | LGBT youth north west

Each year LGBT Youth North West and the network of LGBT Youth Groups across the region hold the Pink Box competition to showcase the talents of young LGBT people and to raise the profile of the issues they face.

On 16th May 2014, young people from across the North West came together in Liverpool for International Day Against Homophobia to enter the regional Pink Box Competition –

This year the Pink Box competition was entitled ‘Ur Own Vision’ and in the words of the young hosts from GYRO youth group from YPAS, ‘is a music competition that in no way is based upon the European music competition of a similar name (!)’. The idea of Ur Own Vision is for groups to explore what their vision of a better future for LGBT young people might be.

There were 11 entries from Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The challenge was for youth groups to work through a Pink Box session all about LGBT people and Music, (as this was the theme of LGBT History Month 2014), and then create a music-inspired entry.

Entrants included: Films inspired or utilising music and lyrics; Drag miming and singing; playing instruments; a music themed Time Capsule; a custom-made dress with built-in speakers; and some wonderful live and recorded covers of songs that have particular relevance to the LGBT Community.

The finalists from this year were:

We also gave out the Being Proud Awards.

This year the winners were:

Thomas Peters – Young Person to be Proud of (Runners up were Emily Kendall, Alex Mason and Jennifer Winn)

GYRO – Youth Group to be Proud of (Runner-up was Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester)

Rachel Williams – The Jan Bridget Award for Youth Worker to be Proud of (Runners up were Liam Mason, Jane Garside and Claire Cleaver).

The special award for Supporter (friend family or ally) was named after to Jaye Bloomfield this year, a supporter of LGBT Youth North West who sadly died in 2013. This award was won by the singer-songwriter Claire Mooney.

Read more about the finalists for the pink box here.