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Paul Patrick (1950 – 2008) was an English teacher and openly gay man. He worked tirelessly as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) rights activist, focusing on issues of homophobia, particularly in the education system. His courageous assertions – at a time of even greater hostility towards openly LGBT people – has undoubtedly had a significant positive impact on the LGBT community at large.

Estimates suggest that around 7% of our school population will identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. In The School Report, Stonewall’s research suggests that these LGBT young people are more likely to experience bullying, miss school, under-perform in exams, experience mental health issues and are more likely to commit suicide than their non-LGBT counterparts.

At a time when the average age of “coming out” is 15 years old, we want to encourage schools to be ready to deal with the issues that will inevitably come along with this by preparing them through our Quality Assurance Framework – The Paul Patrick Awards.

Addressing the reasons behind homophobic and transphobic bullying are the key aims of The Paul Patrick Awards that we have developed in association with Schools Out. These awards support key targets set out by OFSTED, the New Economics Foundation, the Government Equalities Office, NIMHE, CAMHS and many others.

The awards ensure that LGBT young people achieve more through positive work in school with all students around LGBT issues. This learning will take place in a variety of subject areas and will encourage better understanding. In addition to this we will help schools to develop easier methods for students to report homophobic bullying, and encourage staff to develop the confidence to deal with these issues.

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