LGYM – Lesbian & Gay Youth Manchester | LGBT youth north west

Over the past year and a half LGYM (Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester) has continued to work to support LGBT young people from across the city of Manchester. 

The project has run for over 30 years by a team of expert staff in LGBT youth work.  Many of you will know that the service received an Excellent in their last OfSted report but despite this has come under threat from the local authority e.g. the threat of not keeping the group’s members identities confidential, and receiving no youth service funds, except staff costs, for even the basic resources such as basic refreshments or stationary.

It was therefore heart-warming when last year the young people campaigned to ensure the future of LGYM was safe and the provision that helps to not only save, but enrich and develop so many people’s lives would continue.  A public meeting was called when promises from the then Head of Youth Offer and of Children’s Services were made.  A dialogue started and the young people felt confident in their role in decision-making.

It was somewhat of a shock when the “cuts” were announced and the Youth Service in Manchester was all but obliterated. LGYM young people and friends of LGYM fought hard for some clarity about what would happen to the service.

Thankfully the staff continued to deliver the service to young people and fight for the provision that, in the last month alone, has worked with over 60 young people, some of whom are experiencing homelessness, self harm, suicide and abusive relationships as a result of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.  Over the past 30 years LGYM has nurtured excellent partnerships across the City and it is with thanks to past members, partners and young people whom have lobbied MPs and the local authority that LGYM now has a directive from Councillor Fairweather to continue to deliver the service with a view to transferring the provision into a more long-term and stable arrangement within the voluntary sector.

A massive thank you to all who have helped with the ongoing fight to ensure excellent, award-winning and internationally recognised LGBT services for the young people for Manchester. 

LGBT Youth North West will continue to support the service at it has been doing for the past 6 years.

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