LGBT Black History Month | LGBT youth north west

LGBT Black History Month: Youth Worker Training is for youth workers, teachers and professionals who work with young people.

£10 per place, refreshments included

Monday 14 September 2015, 10am – 5pm.

The Joyce Leyland LGBT Youth Centre 49-51 Sidney Street Manchester

M1 7HB

The training is in two parts; the first will focus on understanding sexual orientation and gender identity, identifying the needs of young people and how best those working with young people can offer support. This section aims to raise awareness of issues affecting LGBT young people and increase confidence in providing advice and support.

The second half of the day will explore the LGBT Black History Month resource created by LGBT Youth North West to be used with young people in youth sessions, lessons and groups. This section will go through how to use the pack and delve into the pack to explore the exercises with opportunities to both take part in and run selected exercises from the pack.

The overarching aims of the day are to:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of gender and sexual orientation
  • Discuss and understand issues affecting LGBT young people
  • Increase confidence in supporting LGBT young people
  • Familiarise workers with the exercises in the LGBT Black History Month resource
  • Provide opportunities to experience and practice running the resource contents
  • Equip workers with the confidence to talk about and run activities on LGBT topics with young people
  • Provide opportunities to ask questions and problem solve incidents that may/have arisen in youth spaces

All participants will receive a FREE hard copy of the pack

Contact for more information