History | LGBT youth north west

LGBT Youth North West formed in 2005 for two main reasons-

1. We wanted to have a better support network across LGBT youth groups in the Region to be able to more effectivley keep LGBT young people on the agenda

2. We wanted to be able to give young people the opportunity to come together to enage in regional activities such as Pride Youth Games and Peer Educator Training.

In 2006 we developed a Quality Assurance Framework to help generic youth clubs and schools examine how they are supporting LGBT young people and to see how accessible their services are.

In 2009 we worked with Rochdale Council and Health Services to develop PYOR (Proud Youth of Rochdale) youth project

In 2011 we partnered with Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester (LGYM) and now house all the LGYM services.

From 2011-2013 we are lucky enough to have Comic Relief Sport for Change Funding so are able to offer a myriad of sporting opportunities and taster sessions to LGBT young people.