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Introducing our new campaign; “Don’t Assume…”

Building on our popular “Don’t Assume I’m Heterosexual” publicity, LGBT Youth North West know how important the role of the wider population is in reducing ‘heterosexism’ and supporting LGBT people’s experiences.

(Heterosexism is the idea that everyone in society is presumed to be heterosexual)

CAMPAIGN FILMS – A number of films have been sent to us in support of this campaign – find them here on our YouTube Channel:


Show your support by joining our Don’t Assume “Virtual Event” on Facebook:

On International day Against Homophobia – 17 May, set the ‘Don’t assume…’ logos as your twibbon, cover photo etc… and set your status/ tweet about what assumptions you don’t want people to make about you.

Twibbon image 1 to download:

Twibbon image 2 to download:

Twibbon image 3 to download:


This year we are asking youth and community groups, staff teams, sports clubs, schools, art collectives, disability forums, union branches, student groups and many, many more to get chatting and sharing the assumptions that have been made in their lives and the lives of LGBT people.


Our wonderful mix of young people, volunteers, staff and patrons have already got some ideas to get your creativity flowing.  Here’s a few “Don’t Assume…” statements to give you inspiration:

And now here’s the fun part:

1. Come up with your own statements and send them to us as part of a song, poem, poster, film, news report, comedy sketch, human sculpture etc and be entered into our pink Box competition. If you want to do a warm up event /workshop with friends or young people to generate some ideas, there are some materials to help you on our resources page.

Send your submissions to deadline 1st May 2013[i].

2. Nominate someone for the being proud awards (best LGBT youth worker, young person or friend/family/ally)

[i] Entries will be displayed at our annual IDAHO event on May 16th where a winner will be announced alongside our ‘Being Proud Awards’.   The winning group will receive a state of the art camera and £50 to develop their campaign. Their entry will be used as the flagship material for our “Don’t Assume…” campaign 2014!

Let’s get people talking!