Dalai Llama Comes to Manchester! | LGBT youth north west

Hi, it’s Jake and Jen here and we’re going to talk to you about what we did this Saturday!

This weekend his holiness the Dalai Llama came to Manchester to spread awareness about emotional well-being, forgiveness and having a positive impact in the world. He is holding several events over the duration of his visit, all focused on reaching out to young people. We attended the event “Stand Up & be the Change” at MEN arena.

The event was inspirational in more ways than obvious. In a way, he mentioned issues that everybody worries about and highlighted solutions that not everyone thought of straight away. Although it was addressed to a large audience, it resonated on a personal level as well.

For example, he talked about the Manchester riots in 2011 by mentioning how it is important to forgive people.  He also said that the UK is a far more accepting environment compared to other countries around the world. We should try to separate the person from the action, this way we can challenge a person’s action without condemning them as a person.

He taught us some Buddhist ideals about emotional well-being and helped us explore what makes us happy, because everyone has a right to happiness. Everyone has different backgrounds and comes from different places, but in the end we are all the same. This made us think of a lyric from How Soon is Now? By The Smiths.

“I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else does”

Everyone is responsible for being themselves and we are our own leaders.

What affected Jake the most?

The Dalai Llama showed a video clip of a young Irish girl who sent a letter to the boy who killed her father, offering her forgiveness for the awful thing that he did. If she can forgive this boy for what he did to her father, why can’t we all forgive people for things that are quite insignificant to the bigger picture in life?

What affected Jen the most?

He said that we shouldn’t accept everything we are taught on face value. We should explore and keep questioning things in our lives, rather than staying in the place…we should all go on a perpetual journey of discovery!

After two hours of fun, thought and inspiration we left the arena and were hopelessly lost on the way back to LGYM. We went in three circles, got completely drenched in the rain and here we are, telling you the story of our day as soon as we stepped in the door.

By Jake and Jen

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