CWAC LGBT Ambassadors 2013-14 | The Proud Trust

In 2013 we applied to the Cheshire West and Chester Council “Promoting Equality and Diversity” fund. We were delighted in our successful application and set about delivering an LGBT Ambassadors Project in Cheshire West schools using our Equality and Diversity accredited training course.

Three schools took part in the project – Whitby High School, Tarporley High School and Weaverham High School. Each selected students in very different ways, resulting in three very different LGBT Awareness projects!

Whitby High School

Whitby High School – Equality and Diversity training was delivered to a group of YR10 students in July 2013. These students were invited to get involved as a popular group of young people, openly supportive to the identified LGBT members of the group.

As the Whitby project development unfolded, it became clear that the group had a drama based skills set and so began the development of a drama piece to be delivered in assemblies in the school. Supported by drama teacher Mrs Hay, the group met weekly to develop the hard-hitting powerful piece, ready for delivery in February 2014 during assembly time to the rest of Whitby High:

Tarporley High School

Tarporley High School – Equality and Diversity training was delivered in September 2013 to a group of 6th formers who have volunteered to be part of a “Safeguarding Team”. Really interestingly, this team of LGBT Ambassadors chose not to do a specific project on LGBT awareness, but rather to filter the message through all of the projects they delivered to younger students in the school.

Projects included:

  • Poster competitions
  • Anti-bullying lessons on citizenship day
  • Walk-in sessions for students

The Safeguarding Team delivered excellent anti-bullying lessons on Citizenship Day to younger students. They used the Stand Up film to help demonstrate the issue of homophobia in school.

The lasting legacy from the project came from the poster competition. Challenging students to design a poster that raised awareness of homophobia or cyber-bullying, the winning entry was designed by a YR8 student called “Love is Gender Blind“. The poster has been distributed through Cheshire West schools and is available for download by clicking on the image to the left.

Weaverham High School

Weaverham High School – here we worked with the youngest group of LGBT Ambassadors. Selected from YR8, YR9 and YR10, these young people were selected as popular and influential students, people who could really make a positive impact on their peers. Training was delivered November 2013.

Students at Weaverham are encouraged to deliver assemblies to their peers, so this was a platform that the group felt comfortable with. The group put together a very powerful assembly that really challenged the audience to consider some of the things that they might be inadvertently doing to make school a difficult experience for LGBT students. Assembly Script Here.

The LGBT Ambassadors also launched their sticker campaign during the assembly – “Stay Strong, Stay You”, a powerful message to those students who are LGBT but maybe unsure who they can talk to and gain access to support. The LGBT Ambassadors negotiated with the Head Teacher that all students would receive a sticker and it would be stuck in their PSHE lesson folder, therefore available at all times.

Showcasing Event – February 2014

All three groups of LGBT Ambassadors showcased their work at an event at Cheshire Police HQ in February 2014.  Speakers at the event included Sue Sanders, Chair of Schools Out and founder of LGBT History Month, Rob Jones, Equality and Diversity Manager at Cheshire West and Chester Council and Dominic Rogers, the Youth Ambassador for the Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner.