Coming out? | LGBT youth north west

If you are questioning what sexuality or gender you might be, or know you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, then here are some tips:

1. Don’t worry. It can be a stressful time, but there are people who understand and can help (like us!). You are not alone, and although this can be a very hard time, most people are really glad they have come out as they can truly be who they are inside.

2. Everyone is different. If you come out as gay/bisexual/lesbian/trans/genderqueer (or something else) it doesn’t mean you have to walk or talk a certain way, wear particular clothes, watch certain TV shows or have particular friends. Everyone is different and some people are a lot like the stereotype whereas others are totally different. Not all gay men like Lady Gaga, not all lesbians have short hair!

3. Take your time. You may want to tell friends of family about your identity. If you do, this is your choice. Do it when you are ready. Be prepared to help them as some people find it a surprise or a shock. Some people ask you loads of questions, and sometimes people say cruel things they don’t mean because they are in shock. You might want to give them the link for this website to help If you think your family might take it really badly and throw you out of your home or be violent, then have a plan first. Think about how you can get out of the house, find a friend or a supportive person to stay with or contact The Albert Kennedy Trust as they can help you with temporary accommodation or someone more permanent to stay

4. See how other people have come out. Have a look at our animations here or look online for the ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign of videos and tips.

Good luck with it and get in touch with us if you want someone to talk to, totally anonymously. We are on your side